At Havaş, the Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Management Procedure, in compliance with the ISO 10002 standard has been established to gather and evaluate the feedbacks forwarded by our customers and initiate the process improvement actions. Thanks to this sytem, we aim to figure out and eliminate the issues that cause customer dissatisfaction through the feedbacks we handle as per the procedures we defined.

The basic principles of Havaş Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Management System are:

  • Transparency
  • Accessibility
  • Responsiveness
  • Objectivity
  • Confidentiality
  • Customer Orientation
  • Accountability
  • Continuous Improvement

Havaş neither charges any fee to its customers nor generates any revenue during the evaluation process of complaints and other feedbacks. The related personal information is only shared in-house when required during the process and they are never revealed to any third party without the customer’s consent.

Various channels of communication have been established at Havaş for our customers to forward any kind of feedbacks (satisfaction, complaint, information, request, suggestion).

Please use the following communication means or inform Havaş employees regarding your feedbacks;

  • • Our service points mentioned on our website
  • Call Center for Bus Services “444 0 487”
  • T: "444 0 487"
  • F: +90 (212) 465 56 00
  • E-Mail: or
  • "444 0 487" for Shuttle Buses and Lost Properties
    E-Mail: (where "xxxx" stands for city; e.g.: for
    shuttle buses or
    For lost properties:

For the airlines’ feedback, are used to enable the communication between our stations and airline companies.

The Customer Relations Department is in charge of collecting written or verbal feedbacks at Havaş, through the aforementioned channels and of providing information to the customer that the feedback is taken into consideration by Havaş.

Complaints and all other feedbacks are registered by the Customer Relations and forwarded on the same day to the concerned department in charge of determining the corrective and/or preventive actions.

Within maximum 5 hours after the complaint is received (within working hours), the customer shall be informed that the complaint is taken into consideration. If the complaint is filed online through the website, an instant e-mail notification is sent or if it is filed by phone, the customer is immediately notified by phone. The complaints which are filed out of working hours are processed on the following working day.

Once collected, each complaint is classified based on the criteria such as level of seriousness, impact on security, complexity, degree and possibility of urgency based on ISO 10002 requirements.

The process of examining the root cause of the complaints and initiating corrective actions are followed in accordance with the “Corrective Preventive Actions Procedure”. Customer complaint is followed up until all reasonable solution methods are tried out or customer satisfaction is ensured.


We commit to be clear, transparent, rapid, reliable and customer-oriented while fulfilling the requests of our customers. We consider each feedback that we have received as a prize for our continuous improvement, and review such feedbacks objectively, justly, carefully and on the basis of the principle of confidentiality, and then, provide solutions accordingly. We perform any corrective & preventive actions required for prevention of recurrence of any dissatisfaction in parallel with our customer orientation, which is based on the principle of customer satisfaction, and improve our business processes in a manner to satisfy the expectations of our customers.

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