Havaş provides services at Riga International Airport (RIX) in line with the provisions of 'IATA Airport Handling Manual 810'. Representation, administration, supervision and all departing and arriving passenger services are the services provided by Havaş. Furthermore, all ramp services, load control, de-icing & anti-icing services are also amongst the services provided.

Ground Administration

Representation, Administration and Supervision

Havaş provides all services required by airline companies that launch flights to and from the airport from pre-flight to post-flight operations as well as all administrative services.


  • Representation, Administration and Supervision
  • Load Control, Messaging and Telecommunication
  • Handling, Storage and Administration and ULD Handling
  • Supervision and / or Coordination of Services Contracted by the Carrier with the Third Parties
  • Station Management

Passenger Services

Always paying the utmost attention and priority to the passengers of the contracted airline companies, Havaş has the goal to provide the best service. As a result, the company offers comfort to the passengers from check-in services to boarding and pursues its activities to improve the quality of the services provided.


  • Departing Passenger
  • Arriving Passenger
  • Group Check-in
  • Twilight Check-in
  • Follow-up Services in Flight Disruptions (Ceased, delayed or canceled flights)

Baggage Handling Services

Baggage Handling and Processing

Havaş offers full range of services and solutions in baggage handling. Havaş guarantees problem-free process cycle of baggage handling services at the arrivals and departures.


  • Handling in sorting areas
  • Departure Preparations
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Transferring from Sorting Areas to Reclaim Areas
  • Baggage Transferring to the Terminal

Ramp Services

Havaş adopts safe and high-quality services mentality at all processes provided from “on block” to “off block” services.


  • Marshalling
  • Aircraft Loading
  • Parking
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Ramp to Flight Deck Communication
  • Loading/Unloading of Aircraft

Flight Operation

Flight operations service is the most significant process for the airline companies to provide safe and comfortable services to their passengers. Havaş, Turkey's the largest and well-established ground handling services company, handles this process smoothly thanks to its vast experience and specialized professional staff.


  • Load Control
  • Flight Operations
  • Flight Preparations at Airport of Departure
  • Ramp Supervision

Aircraft Servicing

Technical and experienced personnel of Havaş offers general maintenance of the aircraft of contracted airline companies and provides appropriate ground conditions for the aircraft. Equipped with the latest technology systems and equipment, Havaş ensures a high level of reliability and accuracy in aircraft services as well.


  • External and Internal Cleaning
  • HVAC and Power Equipment
  • De-icing / Anti-icing Services and Snow/Ice Removal