Mass Recruitment of Personnel

Fixed term contract (seasonal) recruitment is executed in order to meet our labor force requirement during the summer period, when our activities increase significantly. A mass recruitment process at our stations begins in February each year. You can submit your job application by entering your information through the job application field on our website or you can apply personally by filling out the application form at our company. These applications are assessed and people suitable for the requirements of related positions are invited to the exam for the mass recruitment process. Positions within our company which are subject to the most intensive periodical recruitment and their brief job descriptions are as follows:

Passenger Services Agent

The Passenger Services Agent is responsible for carrying out baggage, ticket and passport processes completely and accurately in accordance with the International Rules and Havaş Standards from entry of passenger to the airport till boarding, welcoming the passengers upon arrival of the aircraft and directing them to passport control, assisting passengers with all the problems related to baggage and carrying out passenger transfers.

Operation Agent

The operation agent is responsible for ensuring coordination between flight crew, airline representative and operational units during the period from pre-arrival till departure of respective aircraft, making weight and balance calculations of the aircraft according to IATA rules, monitoring slots and permits, revising flight programs, communicating frequency information and messages to the concerned departments and coordinating the daily operations.


Workers are responsible for providing loading-unloading services of the aircraft and cleaning the cabins.

Qualifications required in the applicants

Passenger Services Agent / Operations

  • Should at least be graduated from high school,
  • Should be able to speak a foreign language (preferably English) fluently,
  • Should be available for shift work,
  • Should reside at a location close to the airport and accessible by company shuttle

Candidates will be tested to measure their foreign language, learning/analytical thinking/problem solving skills during the recruitment exam. Candidates that are successful in these tests attend the 'Competency-Based Interview in Turkish' where their suitability for the HAVAŞ profile is questioned and an interview where their level of foreign language speaking skills is tested.

Candidates evaluated positively at the end of the assessments proceed with the theoretical and on-the-job training. Candidates who succeed in the test to be held at the end of the training are recruited.

Worker should

  • be at least primary school graduate
  • be available for working in shifts
  • have no health problem
  • reside close to the airport and on the route of company's shuttle,

Individual Recruitment of Personnel

Applications through our website or in person to our company are evaluated for the individual personnel requirements that emerge at Headquarters and Stations during the work process at times outside the Mass Recruiting and Planning periods.

Applications submitted to our company for positions at Headquarters are subject to pre-elimination in accordance with qualifications required by each position. Applicants with suitable qualifications are included in the assessment process and assessed in terms of competences required by the respective position.

Candidate(s) who possess qualifications and competences required by the position and who are compliant with Havaş Corporate Culture are recruited. Delivery of rules and regulations of the company, information including an introduction to their rights and business environment during their first days is ensured with an "orientation program" in order for new personnel to adapt to business and corporate culture.