To provide services for the global airline companies who are our principal customers to the best extent and to add value for all our partners in every field of our services with a secure, high quality and innovative service concept.


To become the leader and a key actor of the global market in the ground handling services industry.

Our Ethical Principles

Realizing its operations with full commitment to all its values and principles since its foundation, HAVAŞ has adopted the principle of transforming its employees who share the same goals with it, to highly qualified stakeholders.

We engage in open, honest and consistent cooperation with our customers, employees, goods and service providers, the community we live in, and the public authorities who affect and are affected by our activities.

Meeting and going beyond the expectations of our stakeholders is the main target of our "corporate friends", each of which has adopted ethical principles of Havaş, embraces innovative and creative thinking, and acts as a team along with the common targets.

While strictly adhering to legal and ethical rules, Havaş's corporate friends observe the following principles:

Fair Approach and Integrity

They behave fairly, honestly and in compliance with legal requirements in all actions. They do not make any discrimination based on differences in language, religion, philosophical belief, political opinion, race, gender, and other similar reasons; they do not make any treatment contradicting with or restricting the human rights and freedoms and/or attitudes and applications inhibiting the equality of opportunity;

Conflicts Of Interest

They act cautiously and diligently in the face of any interests and benefits as may be provided to them, their relatives, friends or to the persons or organizations they have a relationship, and which influence or seem to influence their ability to perform their duties impartially, and any financial or other obligations and similar personal interests associated therewith;

Balance Of Interests

They endeavor to ensure the permanent and utmost confidence of all our stakeholders; they protect the interests and personal integrity of our stakeholders in a balanced way;

Use of Information And Confidentiality

They act diligently towards the rights of persons and institutions to acquire and generalize the information in their communication and decision-making procedures, and they provide an open, transparent and safe exchange of information between the parties through eliminating all worries towards acquisition or generalization of information which is not ethical to disclose or whose accuracy has not been finalized yet;

Professional Liability

They are well-informed on and closely follow all national and international laws and regulations, standards and rules required by their work, and they bear the liability against the business results of their work; They exhibit the integrity of their thoughts, words and actions in all their behaviors and attitudes; and

Sustainable Environment

They develop measures for reducing the environmental effects, prevention of pollution and a permanent improvement in all areas of our operation in cooperation with all our stakeholders in order to bequeath a livable environment to the future generations in line with the sustainability principles.