Havaş Call Center (0850 222 0 487) processes the personal information of people who call our Center, such as name& surname, contact info and voice record to a limited extent in order to;

a) Accurately address the person calling,
b) Verify the call and determine the number of calls for statistical purposes,
c) Maintain providing information request service of our company,
d) Use as a proof in case of discrepancies.

The personal data is shared with the shareholders. The personal data is processed automatically via phone calls. Please kindly e-mail your feelings and opinions to

Information, photographs and name & surname reported/to be reported to our Company through its social media accounts and all other means of communication, and/or acquired by our Company from any other outsources can be shared on our Company’s social media accounts to include you to promotional and advertisement events, contests, raffles and similar promotional activities and the person in charge of these activities can store the information including name & surname, address, mobile phone number, e-mail, etc. to manage the aforementioned activities.