HAVAŞ supports “sustainable development” which is accepted as a testament to corporate responsibility in all business lines it provides ground handling, temporary storage and passenger transportation services with the following commitments.


We understand customers' expectations clearly and provide the required sources for continuous enhancement in order to provide efficient service and maximize customer satisfaction. We create open communication channels that will enable participation of all employees to increase sustainable service and profitability.

Customer Happiness Environment

We are committed to be clear, transparent, fast, reassuring and customer oriented while we are fulfilling the demands of our customers. Receiving every feedback as a reward for our continuous improvement, we are reviewing feedbacks objectively, fairly, carefully keeping them confidential and providing solutions accordingly. In line with our customer oriented approach based on customer satisfaction principle, we perform the required corrective and preventive actions in order to avoid the repetition of customer dissatisfaction and improve our business processes to meet the expectations of our customers.


We minimize the environmental impacts and enable continuous improvement by sorting our waste and enable recycling with the principle of avoiding pollution. Fulfilling all relevant national and international requirements, we always define our improvement targets to meet the requirements. Our employees and shareholders are responsible from protecting the natural sources considering the needs of the future generations.

Occupational Health and Safety

We provide services which are designed with "Heath Comes First" principle aiming to enhance our occupational health and safety performance continuously. We recognized and accept the national Occupational Health and Safety legislation and the applications of international organizations which we are members as minimum implementation standards. We define and manage the risks that may cause occupational accidents or illnesses to create healthy and safe working conditions for the employees, customers, subcontractors, visitors and the environment. Improving Occupational Health and Safety performance continuously and permanently is the core responsibility of our employees.

Safety & Security

We are committed to improve the operational safety and security level continuously at every area we operate and supply required resources. We design and implement the business processes including the supporting systems and services we procure in accordance with the provisions of relevant national and international legislations that we accept as minimum requirements and the regulations of the organizations that we are a member of.
We encourage all of our employees to adopt the actual safety and security culture, which is also their priority, define our performance and communicate; and, we develop the required tools. We provide the required resources for security training as well as occupational training to create trained and competent human resources who will develop and implement safety and security management strategies. We define the responsibilities of all our executives and employees to improve our safety and security performance and develop approaches that are in harmony with all management systems to define and implement effective precautions. We implement risk management in order to define, resolve or minimize the possible operational hazards, security threats and related risks. As part of our fair culture approach in operational safety and security, we guarantee that the reporting that may affect our performance will not be used for punishment under any circumstances (other than illegal events, intentional behaviors or violating the procedures); and unconditionally support the objective and transparent communication culture required to sustain our services safe and secure.