A project under the framework of Business Continuity Plans, has been brought to life under the supervision of the Internal Control and Risk Management Department and in this project business continuity plans are getting prepared for the scenarios with the highest-impact area on the risk scale of the company operations, with the support of the responsible people determined at each department and station.

The main methodology followed in preparing the plans can be summarized as follows:

  • First, the inventory of the company activities are prepared.
  • The definitions and the responsible people for all activities are registered,
  • The inventory of risks that may create a threat on the operations are prepared,
  • The risks are rated on the 5-grade scale taking the probability and impact levels into consideration, and the threats that fall into the highest-risk area are determined in line with this rating,
  • With the Business Impact Analysis, all the human resources, logistic, system, process data group that are critical in the continuity of the processes, of which the MTO and RTO values are determined are recorded,
  • Business Continuity plans are prepared for the processes with shortest MTO and described in the Business Impact Analysis.